Old alerts as new

Why am I receiving alerts from conversations that were weeks ago? It shows as a current conversation but if is not. I don’t find this helpful, just confusing?

Hello! Our support team will be more than happy to investigate this and resolve any issues with your account! :blush: Please email your account information to help@bark.us or www.bark.us/contact so a support specialist may best assist you. Thank you! :blue_heart:

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Hi there! To add a little insight, when you first connect a new device or account, analyzing can go back as far as 60 days initially when first connected. This could be one reason for seeing older content.

Another is (depending on what the content is) if this is something monitored via the Bark for Kids app, some content will be analyzed as it is accessed and therefore you will be sent an alert as the Bark for Kids app sees this activity. For example (without knowing more details) if this is something monitored exclusively through the Bark for Kids Android / Amazon Fire app (SnapChat, Instagram DMs, Houseparty, TikTok, etc.) if it is a message that was sent on a Monday or even last month, but your child doesn’t open or access that message until now, it is then “seen”/analyzed now.

I hope this helps to explain a bit! Please do message the Bark team so that we can have a deeper look with more details on this activity to be able to give a more accurate answer and help. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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