New to Bark - need some help

My daughter is having trouble staying focused with distance learning, she needs her phone for class work and to turn things in on OneNote and Teams. But the trust has been broken, so many assignments have not been turned in. I’m having trouble shutting everything off except for teams and those type of apps. I’m only about a month in on Bark so I’m still learning how everything works. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @sstonephillips! Bark Community team here … :wave: … Thanks for reaching out. You are not alone in the struggles with tech time and distance learning! Happy to offer some steps for how to manage screen time and web filtering rules for Bark:

If you’d like some additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team who are more than willing to walk you through and get everything working smoothly for you! You can connect with them any time at or We’re here to help! :orange_heart:

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