New to bark counselor need help

New to bark… not wanting to pay till I understand more. I am a school counselor wanting to give parents info. How do I monitor r my kids phone… if I moniter a twitter account can’t they just make a new one? Same with other apps??? How do I keep track of a sneaky kid??? I have no tech savvy parents needing help.

Hello Lisa! Thanks so much for reaching out! :blush: I use Bark to monitor my daughters iPad and I’m also with the Bark team!

Bark is a monitoring solution that helps to keep your children safer online and in real life. Bark’s watchdog engine uses advanced algorithms to look for a variety of potential issues, such as cyberbullying, sexting, adult content, sexual predators, profanity, drug-related content, signs of depression, suicidal ideation, and more.

If a potential issue is detected, a text/email alert is sent to you to review the issue, along with recommended actions on how to handle the situation. While parents won’t have full, unfettered access to all activities, they will see any concerns we send notifications of.
Here’s how it works!

Bark does catch new or secondary accounts. The way in which it does this is that usually opening a new account required you to register with an email or text number. If that email or text is monitored by Bark, it will detect this activity!

Here’s a detailed list of all that Bark monitors!
And lots of helpful answers here

You might also be interested in our free guide for parental settings that come with most all of your devices to help keep your children safer:

Also, if you haven’t already, I would love for you to join our Parenting in a Tech world group, which is packed with helpful tips on all things parenting / kids / tech!

I hope this helps Lisa! Bark support can be reached by emailing any time!