New mobile features with update!

Bark parents-- exciting update! You asked, we listened!
:boom: Parents’ Bark password is now required for uninstall of Bark Kids app on Android devices!

Please update your child’s Android app to the newest version (3.0.9) by navigating to on your child’s Android browser and following steps to download the latest version.

While Apple doesn’t allow the Bark app to add this new feature, Apple parents can still prevent uninstalling of apps by utilizing iOS Screen Time features:
Settings > Screen Time > (choose child) > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases > (Screen Time Passcode) > Deleting Apps > “Don’t Allow”.

Bark has also implemented requiring parents’ Bark password for logging out of the child app on both iOS and Android devices.

Bark will also always send you a notification if for any reason it is unable to communicate with your child’s accounts or devices, such as in the event of uninstall, password changes, etc. just in case.

:question:Questions about this or anything else? Our friendly support team is here to help 7 days & nights a week via email to or :yellow_heart: