New features on android

Anyone else having issues with the new features setup? “Screen time and web filtering”. I cant get his android to do anything on his app. I have tried everything.

Hello, @sheena8903. :slight_smile: Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Please ensure you have the latest Bark for Kids Android app version installed (currently v3.0.2).

Once you have this, please visit your parent dashboard at to add your child’s device and configure screen time & filtering settings. You will also want to ensure the correct time zone is set on your Bark Account. Any screen time changes you make can take up to 15 minutes to sync and apply to your son’s device.

If you’re still running into trouble after updating and configuring your screen time settings, please reach Bark’s friendly support team for best assistance by emailing or visiting so the team may have a deeper look and best assist you. Thank you, Sheena!

I have done all of that. On my end, it says add device which leads me to setting it up through his phone. His phone does not prompt me to do ANYTHING. It has been uninstalled, reinstalled, phone restarted, everything i can possibly do and still nothing. I have contacted bark and they are trying to help me but so far hasn’t been able to

Please do continue with our support specialists. You’re in good hands there! :slight_smile:

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One other thought; do you have any other parental controls / VPNs installed that could be interfering? You’ll see on this video here starting at about 1:30 the prompts to accept and connect Bark’s VPN:

Lol ive done all that and still nothing. Thanks though

I see it looks like things are working and Paola was able to help you! :slight_smile: That’s great!