My son got around iPhone screentime

"Hello Savvy screen time parents! I would like to write out how my son got around the iPhone screen time feature. Hopefully someone can tell me a way to stop this.

I have the Account Changes listed as “do not allow,” so he cannot sign out of his Apple ID. But under settings, General, there is a place to Reset. When the phone resets, apparently you need to login to the Apple ID again. My son created a new Apple ID. This alone would prevent any of my screen time settings from apply to his device. In addition, he added three sideloading apps to his phone via Safari, Tweakbox, tutu, appValley. These sideloading apps allowed him to add games and social media apps that I do not allow. In addition he was able to sideload some app that completely disabled the screen time feature. For example, when I signed him out of his new Apple ID, and re-signed him in with the Apple ID I was using for screen time, I didn’t realize such a thing could even be sideloaded. So I promptly began resetting all the restrictions. But as soon as I turned them on, they would stand for 3 seconds or so and then immediately turn back off again.

My question is, is there something I am missing? Is there any way to turn off the ability to reset a device?"

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" Whoa. !! … When I just tinkered with this, in order to reset you need to enter the Passcode. My only thought here would be to allow him his thumbprint ID / Face ID, but do not tell him the Passcode to the device? And he can hand it to you if the Passcode is needed?

Disabling the App Store and also the browser or at least creating a whitelist of specific sites only should deter any unauthorized sideloading.

Tell him he’s got a great future in the tech field!"

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