My daughter was sent inappropriate image on ps4

How do you deal with game systems?

Is there anything to monitor it?

She has made “friends” with adults on there that her best in real life friend has gamed w him for 2 yrs. …her friends parents are not worried about it. They say they don’t allow them to talk on the mic and just text so they can go back and look at the messages…her friend is 16. supposedly he has never said anything. inappropriate, but my daughter shared she thinks he is depressed and pays it 4 plus hours a day. I think either of them could just delete text of anything was ever said that they didn’t want me to see.
My daughter has been up front about him so I’m not sure what to do. I’m am glad she is being honest but I don’t think this is a good situation.
New rule.?? …we can only play with players we actually know. Just block this guy Frank
But then she decided to contact a boy her age 14 on IG. He just posts silly stuff and videos of him playing the video game.
I heard them talking on the mic and he was using bad language too. I told her I head it.
I went in her IG and un followed him. She could still message him though…maybe block him? She just got in FB and IG and I am thankful for Bark to help me monitor. This.

Hi Marla!

We completely understand how tough gaming consoles are to manage! Presently there is nothing that allows for the monitoring of gaming consoles however there are some parental control options and we’ve put together some helpful tips for available parental controls here

It sounds like you have kept an open dialogue with your child and that is wonderful! In case it would be of value, we have linked some blog posts below related to this topic that may help you with ideas or talking points to discuss with your daughter about her online safety while gaming.

Ultimate Guide to Safer Streaming Sites

The Ultimate Guide to Gaming and Chatroom Safety

We hope these are helpful!


My son has an Xbox and I actually have it set up to where he can not add anyone or message anyone not on his friends list through his Microsoft permissions. This has made it easy for me to know any time he wants or needs to add someone, and to keep the communication open as to who they are.


I didn’t know that could be done. I need to figure out how to do that for my son’s Xbox Microsoft account.

Hi Rhonda!

Here are a few helpful resources we’ve put together to help parents with Xbox parental controls:

We hope this is helpful and are here if ever you need us!

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