My daughter was being groomed on Instagram

"I need help, u don’t know what to do. Long story… but a man on Instagram that was grooming my child has been blocked from her account, I’ve changed her phone number and restricted everything. He is now contacting her friends trying to get info on her and find her. I can not control other kids accounts and their understanding of how serious this is. What do I do??

Update: The situation intensified. He has reached out to other kids she was friends with, that he was also following. He has asked for her address, and new contact Info. And is telling these kids he is in love with my daughter, and needs to check on her. They have all sent us screenshots, and I have contacted the police.

His Instagram handles are:
Harald Darkan

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“Contact the NCMEC, national center for missing and exploited children, and also the ICAC, internet crimes against children task force. Also, contact whatever social media platform this stalker is using and get them involved. I would also speak to local law enforcement about this online personality attempting to find your child. While their resources are limited, they need to know this person is searching for your child. I would also let the parents of these friends be aware of this person so they too can be on the lookout. I would also have her take a break from social media. At least until this is resolved.”

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