My daughter upgraded her iphone

Does it make a difference if my daughter upgraded her phone even though her information is the same on the new phone? I noticed she didn’t get a bark back up yesterday but she also got the phone yesterday as well.

Hi there! Good morning! Bark community team member here! :wave: :coffee: :sunny:

Your daughter must be thrilled to have a new device! If the device is an Android device, you’ll want to download the Bark for Kids app onto the new device and sign in using your Bark credentials. If it’s an iOS device, you’ll need to set up the new device in the Bark Desktop App and parent dashboard, as well as downloading the Bark Kids app onto the device and signing in using your parent credentials, so your screen time controls and web filtering are applied! :iphone: :heart:

The great news is that our Support Team has put together an awesome resource for you to follow to get the new device set up: Child Has a New Device – Bark.

Happy to help answer any more questions if you have them! If you run into any hiccups along the way, go ahead and reach out to our Support Team by e-mailing and they’ll be happy to help you through it! Have an awesome weekend! :star_struck: