My daughter is deleting texts

It seems my daughter has been deleting texts, which means her phone isn’t being monitored the way I would like it to be. Is there a way to shut off the deleting messages capability? If not, any suggestions on what to do with this? Thanks

Hi Carrie! Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the community! I’m from the Bark team and I’d be happy to help you out! Is your daughters phone an iPhone or Android?

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Her phone is an iPhone 7

On iOS, we are able to see most deleted texts! If a deleted text is not available in the iOS backup, since Bark relies on getting data from backups, we wouldn’t be able to see that. This possibility can be minimized if her device backs up daily. Bark does not have the ability to block or restrict users from deleting text messages.

Here is more information on Bark and text messages.

I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach Bark support at any time by messaging Thank you Carrie! :blue_heart:

It backs up everyday, but it can’t when she’s at school or on the bus. This is when I believe it’s happening. I connect to bark in the morning, when she gets home and again at night. Nothing is showing the deleted texts

Hi, Carrie! Jumping in for Jasmine here. Here’s more information on text message monitoring with Bark. Because Apple does not permit Bark to monitor your daughter’s iPhone by a directly installed app or connecting to the iCloud, Bark must monitor iOS devices by analyzing the data from backups to your computer. If texts are being deleted before they are backed up, there’s a chance that data is truly erased and no longer on the device. In those cases, Bark can only analyze what data is available and present.

I do not know of a way through Apple to prevent text deleting. Perhaps discussing with her and have her agree to your rules / expectations by signing this family technology contract?

If you’re needing more frequent iOS backups, aside from the automatic backups you can always manually force a backup at any time with these steps.

Alternatively, because Androids allow Bark to monitor continuously through the installed Bark for Kids Android app, texts are still analyzed even if they are deleted from an Android, because there are no backups involved in Android monitoring. It may be worth considering a switch to Android if this would help in your situation?

The Bark support team is always more than happy to have a deeper look into your account if you have any questions or want to confirm backup or analyzing questions, etc. Please reach the team at any time for help with your account by emailing or visiting Thank you, Carrie! :slight_smile: