My child's school doesn't allow cell phones through 7th grade

“My kids school does not allow cell phones through 7th grade. Will he be at a disadvantage without the exposure to cell phones that the rest of the world is getting?”

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" It will be a blessing to him, his relationships, his academics, and to the whole family if he doesn’t have a phone or tablet before 8th grade or later."
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Cell phones do not have a big learning curve. Think about when you got your first cell phone. It probably did not take long for you to master it. There is starting to be a push for people to wait until their kids are in 8th grade before giving their kids cell phones. I wish I had waited until mine were in 8th grade. Treasure the time you have with your kids while they do not constantly have a cell phone in their hand. I have no doubt they will be better adjusted without the distraction of a phone if you wait until 8th grade. Stay strong.