Music platform with parent controls

Hi what is the best music platform there is for preteens with parent controls? Thank you in advance !!

Hi, Mindy! I’ve heard great things about Spotify’s Family settings, with Kids features for younger listeners. Bonus- Bark monitors Spotify!

Personally, my family mainly uses Apple Family Music. With iOS’s Screen Time, we are able to block explicit music.

We also use Amazon Prime Music, which is included in our Prime membership. You can block explicit music there as well.

I hope some of these point you in the right direction! :slight_smile:


We use Spotify- they really like it & I like that they can explore new music without scrolling through YouTube.


youtube music is the best music app I’ve used and I’ve used them all and there is controls to block inappropriate music

We love both Spotify and Amazon music. Pandora was really spotty for us and while YouTube music is great, with filters in place it limits them greatly.

We have used Spotify for about a year. I have constantly had to alert the app to explicit content that is leaking through despite their “no explicit content” setting. Today, I was looking on my 15 year olds app and found a podcast he has been listening to about sex with amines explicit pics for icons. I tried to block it or even mark it as explicit, but I couldn’t do anything to protect my child from the content he had found. I tried to notify the company about it, but they don’t have contact info on their website. I put a review in on the App Store, but it wasn’t there later when I went to show my husband. I don’t recommend this app and will be canceling our family subscription immediately!!!

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I have the family Spotify account. It really only lets you block explicit content. However, I am now seeing thru Bark that all of the words seem to slip thru when the song isn’t categorized by explicit.

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Hi Mary! Thanks for reaching out, I’m with the Bark team and happy to help. :wave:
The way in which Bark analyzes Spotify is that Bark cross-references a database of song titles and lyrics. If they listen to the clean version of a song, the lyrics may not be clean in the Spotify database. Also, a clean song may still contain contextual signs of violence, depression, sex, etc.

If you’d like to relax your alert settings, you can do so with these steps here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bark by emailing any time you have questions. Thanks, Mary! :blue_heart: