Multiple Instagram accounts

Is there a way to connect to multiple Instagram accounts on one child?

Hello Amadawi! I’m from the Bark team and thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile: Yes, Bark supports monitoring to multiple accounts! Here’s our guide on how to connect additional accounts below!

If you run into some trouble or need any assistance please feel free to email our support staff at They are always happy to assist! Thank you! :blush:

I meant, what if my son has 3 accounts?

That won’t be an issue! Bark supports monitoring to unlimited accounts for unlimited children. :blush:

I am trying to connect to my son Peyton‘s Instagram accounts. He has several Instagram accounts. How do I do that? Meaning, how do I connect to 3 Instagram accounts under the same child,?

Here is the instructional how-to guide on how to connect your sons Instagram or social media accounts.

If you need any help please contact for assistance. Thank you! :slight_smile:

After you have one of the instagram connections connected to Bark, log out of Instagram and log in to Instagram with one of the other accounts. Then go through the process of adding an Instagram connection to Bark a second time. This will allow you to connect another Instagram account to the same child.

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I have tried that and each time it tells me that I am still logged into another account. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

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@amadawi can you please email our team at We can schedule a phone call / screen share to see what’s going on and best help you. We want to help! :slight_smile:

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