Monitoring Macbooks due to Home Distance Learning

With all of the forced Home Distance Learning due to COVID-19, I have set my daughter up on one of our MacBook Pros with her own login which is also tied to her iCloud account. This means that she is able to browse, send messages, send emails, etc on this device. Are you planning to add Bark support for MacOS?

Hi @jjhouston! Welcome to the community! :wave: Great news! Bark monitors web browsing on Chrome and Edge — including website visits, searches, and incognito browsing — when you install the Bark extension for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on your child’s Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer.

Bark can also monitor connected email and social media accounts, including alerting you to potential new accounts or apps your child may create.

You’ll find detailed info and links for setting up:

Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions! They’re happy to answer any questions or help you with a walk-through!
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