Monitoring Google Classroom

Can Bark monitor Google Classroom? Not Classrooms crested by the school, but classrooms crested by other kids?

In monitoring my oldest child account, I noticed he set up a Google Classroom for him and his friends. There is nothing bad on it. But being able to monitor it would help alert me.


I have noticed the same thing… and the teachers are using google teams as well… the kids all go on there when the teachers are not as well… I am also curious if this is being monitored in some way.
I am SO grateful for Bark, my son and I have had many many constructive conversations since the arrival of Bark in our lives.
Keep up the great work Bark!!

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile: Here’s a detailed list of all that we monitor:

Regarding your child’s personal Google or school GSuite accounts:
Bark monitors the gmails your child sends and receives, including attachments and Google Hangouts (text chat only) .

On Google Drive, Bark monitors the documents your child creates and ones that are shared to their Google Drive, including document comments, document comment replies, photos, and videos.

If you connect your child’s Google accounts for monitoring (personal or school GSuite), any documents connected to that Gmail would be monitored as detailed above, as well as if those Classroom chats / messages come through as copies to their Gmail, they would be monitored as Gmail ^ mentioned above.

I hope that helps and provides you with some coverage; let us know if you have any questions, and you can always reach our team via email for more detailed account help by emailing Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

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