Monitoring Gacha Club

Does anyone have experience with Gacha Club, and how do you monitor it? This seems to be the new “it” game in my daughter’s circle of friends, and I cannot find much reliable information about it online.

The game itself is just for creating characters with animalistic or spiritual characteristics. The fan art and fan made YouTube videos were a huge issue in our household. When my daughter became suicidal in 5th grade I found out that she was watching the Gatcha fan clips about cutting, killing and suicidal characters. There are decent ones out there like the singing contests, but many of the videos seem to be sexually oriented(no sex actually takes place)in titles and subject and/or violent. I only allow my daughter to create the characters.

Hey @Todd_Caplan! As a parent, I know how difficult it is to keep up with all the new games and apps our kids want to use. It can be a full-time job, for sure! I find Common Sense Media helpful when researching them. I pay attention to the Parents Say section in addition to the review. If I’m still not sure, I usually download it myself for a week and see what’s up. HTH

@droolie2 - I’m so sorry to hear that about your daughter. Thank you for sharing your insight to help others. If the Bark team can ever help, please reach out to us! We’re here for you. :orange_heart:

Thank you. She is in a better place now mentally, but is still in therapy and has just started meds that really seem to be helping with her depression. She is going into 7th now. Covid has hit so many children hard with isolation and lack of stimulation.

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I personally had to limit my daughters usage of Gotcha Life. While the app doesn’t seem to be bad, the following on Youtube is horrible. I found my daughter, thanks to Bark, looking up videos with violence, drugs, and causing some very bad behavior in the home. Once the issue was shown to me by Bark we immediately deleted YouTube and began talking about appropriate content. Seen a huge change in her behavior. So I just say be careful if they get into looking gotcha life stuff up online and on YouTube. There are definitely people out there using it to present adult information to children.