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Newbie Question:
Details: We have iPhones that bark is installed on.

Question: When we leave to go on Christmas vacation we will not be near our “home” WiFi.
How will my daughter’s devices be monitored while we are away for this extended period of time?

Hi La Rel Davis! Bark Community team member here … :wave: … Great thinking ahead! :grin:

With iOS, you have a couple of options when your child/child’s device is going to be away from the “home” computer for an extended length of time (vacation, summer break, etc.). The Bark Desktop app can be installed onto a laptop (PC or Mac), and then your backups become “mobile,” and the laptop is sent/goes with the child.

Or, you can install the Bark Desktop app onto another PC or Mac at the destination, and either share your already established login credentials or create a joint email account (the same email will be used for login at both locations). Similar to how Bark works for dual households:

Just remember, as at home, iOS backups happen automatically & wirelessly about every 6 hours when your child’s device is on the same WiFi network as the powered on PC/Mac with the Bark desktop program running (recommended daily) at the other location or alternate computer.

If you have any questions or need assistance with installation, our account support team is ready and available 7 days/nights a week, and are happy to help however they can! :orange_heart:


Thank you!
Yes, I have the Bark desktop installed on my MacBook Pro laptop. That’s the only way to have it scan her iPhone even at home.
So, if I’m understanding you correctly, if I take that MacBook with me and we are both signed into the same WiFi in Florida then she will continue to be monitored?

Thank you so much!!

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Hello there! Jasmine from the Bark community team here! Thank you for reaching out! Bark will automatically and wirelessly sync with your daughter’s iOS devices every 6 hours as long as they are on the exact same WiFi network (and band!) as your MacBook Pro with the Bark desktop program up and running in the background! :blush:

Please be sure to message our support team if you ever need any assistance or have any additional questions. All Bark accounts come with unlimited account support! Thank you! :blue_heart:

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