Minecraft - what are your thoughts?

“Any input on Minecraft? We’re late adopters and my 11yo is really interested in the creative aspect. I read about issues in Roblox. Is there similar concerns? Would love to learn your experiences and any watch outs for Minecraft. TIA!”

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“I’m strict about screen time and I don’t like Roblox, but I allow Minecraft. My 9 year old loves it. He started in creative mode, but was eventually allowed creative and survival mode.”

:star: Original post here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parentinggeeks/permalink/368028517160528/

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Minecraft is a game that I managed to get just as into as my child. It’s a world of possibilities and if you play on PC there are a lot of modpacks(custom game add-ons) that let you change it into all kinds of additional opportunities. You can setup whole towns, countries, economies, all kinds of crazy stuff if you want and as long as you’re willing to invest the time to learn or turn your kids loose to learn.

I’d echo what @Caroline_Scruggs said though, start in Creative and then let them into Survival. Let them start just treating it as digital Legos essentially before they have to learn to survive with no instructions.


I’m following subsequent replies to this question, as well. My 7yo son has begun exploring various types of video games - mostly on my phone or on his tablet - and I’m sure he’d love to be able to get into something more popular, like Minecraft. I’m not sure if he’s too young to really grasp the game yet, though.

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Hi, @Aaron_Yavelberg! My oldest (now 13) was 7 when he first started playing Minecraft. He is still heavily into it! There are some chat aspects to the game (I’m not entirely sure what or how as I don’t personally play it), but we set up parent settings so that he couldn’t play or chat with others when he was younger. He does play with others now, but we still keep a close eye on it and he knows what isn’t allowed, stranger danger, don’t trust others on the web, etc. :slight_smile:


Personally, I do not like it. My daughter has been playing Minecraft Battle and giving out her information to other users. I personally have it banned -as well as Roblox in my home.

As for MInecraft discussion this is like any game or activity. If you not engaged with your kid then they will end up doing things that you may see as a problem.

Minecraft as a single player game is great and very safe.
As soon as you start playing online then it will become complicated as the online servers are not managed by the creators of Minecraft. And “anything” can happen in them.

A good discussion with your child on online games is a good start. And this can lay a foundation going forward on how they play (if allowed) on other platforms as they get older.

Another solution is to pay a little extra for a “Realm” this is limited player Online server that you control and who has access to it. Making sure you child is only inviting friends you have pre-approved. This may be a solutions to some parents wanting to give freedom while developing trust.
Note my child hated Math and when he started coding in MInecraft, his interest in Math did a 180 as now he a reason to learn it.

I tell my kids this:
“Responsibility creates Trust,
Trust intern creates Freedom”
If they responsible they will eventually get more freedom.

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My 7 year old has Roblox. I haven’t really heard anything bad about it

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My kids play Roblox and so do my nieces my oldest niece had someone asking a lot of personal information. Her address,age, when her parents were and were not around etc.

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Minecraft is a normal concept of building, creativity and survival skills. Roblox is similar to Minecraft but roblox is an online thing where you try other people’s gaming ideas and test your skills

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Couldn’t you restrict the Minecraft battle part, and educate her on sharing information. Doesn’t sound like the game is the issue…

I limit screen time, I’m ok with minecraft and human fall flat, kids are not aloud to play online with online players, I’ve sat down and played these games so i am aware of what goes on, it seems safe and I’m comfortable with them both, they play together not online, I’ve been tempted to buy them a old school brick game haha. apart from one school chrome for master 10, book my 5, 8 and 10 yr old do not have their own devices, my husband owns the PS4 and that keeps things in perspective, the spend more time online when they are aloud doing school homework. im very open with discussing safety online and IRL with my children,