Microsoft Edge on PC

I use Bark to monitor my son’s Microsoft edge on his PC. Is there a way to use parental control for that? If there is how do I do it and if there isn’t, what do you recommend for parental control of a PC? Thank you in advanced.

Hello Crquiro!

I’m a member of our online community team and I’d love to help with this. :blue_heart:

We’ve put together a really helpful guide on parental controls for Microsoft Edge that you can access here.

Also, I’m excited to share that coming soon we are going to be offering a new feature called ‘Bark Home’, a small device that will live in your house connected to your internet router, and help you manage screen time and filter content on ALL the internet-connected devices in your home.

With Bark Home, you’ll be able to Set limits on Smart TVs, PlayStations, Xboxes, Nintendos, Laptops/computers, and more! We don’t have a release date just yet but it is coming and we are SO excited and hope you’ll stay tuned!

I hope this information is helpful! Please feel free to message our team with any questions at all. We can be reached at or email us at - We’re here for you! :yellow_heart:

Kind regards,
Leslie R.
Online Community Manager