LGBTQ Obsession

LGBTQ My daughter is obsessed with this topic. I don’t know what to do. She shares content about it and writes content about it. She is only 12.

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Thank you for posting! There are some resources on our blog that might be useful to you and help you have conversations with your daughter about this topic:

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Same. My daughter became super obsessed when she was 11. It started with Anime. She’s 13 now and has decided she is neither male or female- non binary. It has been really hard to get my head around and accept but I have decided the best thing for me as their mom to do is meet them where they’re at. They will find their way I’m sure of it. :heart: My input on her sexuality makes zero difference. I’m just trying to be the best sounding board I can be while she works through all this.


I wouldn’t really consider that an obsession, especially if she identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Have you asked her about it all? I’m sure it would help her if she knew that you would be supportive of her if this is part of who she is.

Hi Joanna, we forget how easy was to be obsessed with something at that age! Besides with so much of our lives spent online now, we can get lost in one topic. I find it fascinating and liberating that this generation sees gender and sexuality with such freedom and fluidity and instead focuses on character. I have a 15 yo daughter. My suggestion is to look at the quality and intention of sources she’s looking at and sharing, inform yourself, and make sure she’s loved no matter what.

Hi, I’m curious if Joanna meant she’s just interested and not necessarily LGBTQ+. My daughter has been talking and reading about it quite a lot, and I think of it more as curious, rather than she is or isn’t. The scary thing about social media and all the news outlets is their constant breadcrumbs on the side that lead to other videos/articles, leading kids (and adults) into deep dives of information. They can be pulled into a string of viewing for hours unless we catch them. This can cause a feeling of never knowing enough, thus their need to keep talking about it, researching and asking.

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I’ve been facing this myself with my 13 yr old daughter. From speaking with other adults who are youth leaders with our church, I’m realizing a few things. First, this age is the age where so many kids are talking about it and it seems to be everywhere. If she’s feeling left out or anything similar, it’s a very inclusive group who may make your child feel like she fits in. As a pretty conservative parent, this is also why I got the Bark app – because I believe there are people out in the world brainwashing our children. I’m not sure if you’re a praying mom, but this has helped me a lot. I’m also thinking, like someone else said, that it’s just a phase of curiosity and by this time next year, they’ll be obsessed with something else just as fleeting.
Good luck momma… this is a hard topic to discuss publicly. :purple_heart: