LGBTQ+ Mental Health: How to Support Your Child

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Quick note: If you aren’t familiar with terms surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, this blog post can help you understand common words and phrases. Do you remember the first time your kid had a crush on someone? They may have been excited to wear their favorite outfit to school in an attempt to look their best. Maybe you found them doodling hearts in their notebook. Or perhaps they were too shy to even approach the person they thought was super cool. While those first fluttery butterflies are certainly memorable, for many LGBTQ+ kids, realizing they like like someone can…

Thanks so much for this incredibly helpful information.

This is a great read and definitely relevant especially when middle school hormones are in full effect. My child has a hard time opening up, even though I am very open with her and ask the questions. She gets embarrassed but will often write stuff to talk if it’s too embarrassing. So I got a book for us called Just Between Us. It’s a Mother/Daughter Journaling book w questions and free space to write whatever. We pass it back and forth in our secret hiding spots in our rooms. I told her when I got it, it’s literally our secret. Her dad doesn’t even know about the book or anything in it. This way she can hopefully have a safe place to write or ask those weird questions. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a good fit for boys but it’s been good for us.