Kids are getting around bark by texting with google translate

Two of my kids have discovered google translate within texts. One (almost 12) does it for fun. The other (15) is doing it to talk to a boy without getting flagged. I found out from the other mom! Is Bark going to be doing something to monitor this or has she outflanked us/Bark?

Hello, @ginazat. :slight_smile: Oh no, smart kids! Google Translate is not on the coverage list for Bark’s monitoring. Bark is able to monitor English and Spanish at this time.

It might be necessary to use parental settings to restrict the usage of the Google Translate app & website, as well as having a conversation and signing a tech contract for your family’s tech rules and expectations.

If there’s anything the Bark team can help with, or if you have any questions, please email or visit Thank you!

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