It’s a balancing act

One of the most common criticisms I hear is regarding the total monitoring of a child’s electronics, how it breaks down trust, discourages open discussion, and avoids teaching a child responsible behaviors with electronics.

That’s what I love about Bark. It’s not about reading all of their texts. It’s about monitoring, on an as needed basis, and being there to guide the child through the difficult spots.

It’s about good parenting practices and advice; creating healthy habits; and supporting all parents as we stumble through this new world.

It’s a balancing act. :slight_smile:

I have to agree here! We began with online expectations and safety education early on when we introduced their first tablet and then smartphones, so it’s really the only way that my guys know. My (then) older tween at first felt uneasy with monitoring, perhaps feeling that I didn’t trust him or that I was trying to read everything. Once I explained how it worked, and that I never “snoop” as it is, but rather it is my job to keep an eye out as I see fit, he felt much more at ease.

Some claim that kids will just find ways to sneak or create secret accounts or use their friends’ devices, however that hasn’t been the case at all in our situation. I believe knowing that he will be held accountable helps him to pause and make smarter choices. I couldn’t be more proud! I fully accredit this to our having early and ongoing talks about online safety and expectations! :slight_smile: