Is there any way possible that I can monitor my daughters tic tok account on iOS?

I have recently purchased Bark. I didn’t do my research quit as well as I thought and allowed my daughter to download til tok thinking I could monitor it through Bark.She has an iPhone with the iOS and I didn’t realize that bark does not monitor tic tok or Snapchat I think right? Is there any way to get these two platforms monitored on an iPhone?

Hello! Both SnapChat and TikTok do not have their app programming interface open to share data with third parties to be monitored. We are able to monitor a few more features on Androids (including SC & TT) compared to iOS devices, because Androids are more open-source and third-party friendly, granting permission to access this data. iOS has tighter privacy and does not grant the same access to certain data to anyone. For this reason, we recommend that parents needing the most monitoring coverage possible look into Androids for their children (explained in more detail here).

Here’s a detailed list of all that we monitor.

You might find these articles helpful on keeping your daughter safer on SnapChat and TikTok.

I hope this helps to explain a bit! Please message us with any questions. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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My biggest problems with Tik Tok is that they have access to see a video feed. If it were secluded to just her friends videos, I would be ok with it. MANY of the videos in the feed have pictures that insinuate certain body parts. I think that’s how they get around being flagged. I created an account for myself and played on it a few days to see if I would be comfortable with her having one. We decided not to let her, she is 11. It seems as if the first few videos will be ok, but they will always sneak an inappropriate one in.


Hi April and Ramona,

We have an 11 year old and don’t permit them to have Snapchat or tictok accounts at all. We will consider permitting these type of accounts in a few years.

I specifically purchased an android phone for this reason. I use an iPhone but I wanted to be able to track as much as possible. I say go purchase an android if you can. I have received quite a few notifications from Snapchat. I don’t get the pictures, but I am notified of the chats when they are inappropriate.

We don’t allow SC or TT but my daughter says you can watch TT vids without an account. I’ve not had a chance to scope this out. Anyone know if this just means they can see but not be seen? And is there a way to limit what can be seen?? #ttnewbie

You can log in to her TT account on your phone. That’s the best way to attempt to monitor it on IOS. You can see who they follow and who follows them(she has a private account), what’s posted and check out their for you page to see if they have searched anything inappropriate. You can also see who they are chatting with. Of course they can delete chats so It’s not 100%, but it’s something. I’m in constant communication with my daughter who is 12 about her social media footprint and the dangers of online predators. I’m not naive and she will mess up, but that’s how lessons are learned. TT videos can be looked up on safari and YouTube. Bark does monitor YouTube if they are logged in and you have it set up to do so. As far as SC goes it’s a little more difficult. You cannot be logged into the same account on a different device. My daughter doesn’t currently have SC, but my 15 year old son does. I periodically will log into his account, but messages disappear if they are pics. He pretty much uses it for communication with his friends. And In his case a lot of his snaps are just random pics of him or his friends saying hey and what they are up to. But that’s just the case with my son. My best advice is keep communication open and try not to overreact when they mess up and they will respond better to you. I’ve learned to pick my battles. I’ve messed up and overreacted I’m certain situations. But I’ve learned as well. And I’ve explained that I do It all to protect them. And yes I’ve been told I just don’t understand and things are different than when I was a kid, but that doesn’t stop me from parenting. Raising teens isn’t easy. Hope some of this is helpful.

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