Is there an option to receive all texts from my kids?

Hello, I am new to this app. However I have managed to figure out things pretty well, but I was wondering if there was a way to monitor all of my child’s texts instead of just a few things picked up by the filters provided by the app? When my kids turn their phones in I opened my app and held it next to their phone and there was a good number of questionable things that Bark missed because it was put into “Youth Lingo” as I call it. Kids these days have such a weird way of talking. So, is there an option out there that will send me all of my child’s texts and I can go through, so I don’t have to go back to taking their phones and reading texts?

Hello, Greg! Welcome, and thanks for posting! Bark’s AI looks for a variety of potential issues, such as cyberbullying, sexting, drug-related content, and signs of depression.

If a potential issue is detected, a text/email alert is sent to you to review the issue, along with recommended actions on how to handle the situation. While you won’t have full, unfettered access to all activities, you will see any concerns we send notifications of. Bark’s AI is continually learning and is able to keep up with the latest teen slang and lingo, as well as emojis, etc.

If you are finding context that you believe you should have been alerted on have haven’t been, Bark’s support would be happy to have a deeper look to ensure your children’s devices and accounts are monitoring properly. Would you please send further details, screenshots, times / dates of questionable activities to the team by emailing so we can better investigate and assist you? We’re here for you, Greg! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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