Is there a way to pause IOS Screen time?

I have screen time set up on my kids devices. I have it set so they cannot make changes to the account. Sometimes, I need to do housekeeping on their iPads and have to then disable screen time to make changes. But toggling it off resets all settings to default. I have to reset everything again. Is there a way to just pause it without resetting?

Hi, Youmell! We use iOS Screen Time also. :slight_smile: There is no way to pause Screen Time, however you should not have to entirely turn it off. What I do is just temporarily disable or change whatever setting I need to to be able to access what I need for that moment, then put it back in place after. This way, all of the Screen Time settings do not need to be replaced, only the one or so that I needed to change to have access for a minute. I hope that is a helpful solution for you!

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