Is there a way to find out if my child is deleting text messages

I recently found out that my child is deleting text messages from her Android phone (thanks to Bark flagging said messages). I wanted to read the whole context of the conversation beyond what Bark showed me. Is there a way to either recover the deleted text messages, or prevent her from being able to delete them in the future?

Hi there! I’m from Bark’s community team. Happy to help! Some Androids have a feature where you can click the 3 dots in the Messages app and navigate to the Trash, as long asit hasn’t been more than 30 days. I’m not sure of a way to prevent texts from being deleted. :pensive: You can certainly reach out to our Support Team to take a closer look at the Bark alert you received! You can reach the team at

You may also find this information helpful, on creating a technology contact, as a family! :heart: Create A Technology Contract With Your Family - Bark

Hope this helps! Best wishes! :slight_smile: