Is roblox educational

Roblox seems safe but does it have educational value! Does it teach kids anything? Trying to decide if I should limit it a ton or not at all.

Hi, Dan! We appreciate this topic! :slight_smile: My guys are more into Minecraft, and we don’t use Roblox, so I don’t have any personal experience to share. However, I wanted to share this information for parents that may help to give you a better idea:

Common Sense Media gives Roblox a 3 out of 5 in educational value:

“Kids can learn about designing virtual worlds and games. Talking to other users could help kids build teamwork and communication skills. Roblox has a lot of potential; it provides a flexible, imaginative environment where kids can create and explore, and the drag-and-drop tool could help them obtain design experience. Because the directions are housed on a separate site, though, the design tool isn’t extremely easy to figure out, which may limit the amount of practical knowledge kids obtain. Adding a tutorial or site-provided feedback, such as a chat option to ask design-related questions, would ensure kids understand how to use the site.”

I hope this helps with your decision! :slight_smile: