Ios to Android issues

I have an Android and my kid has an iphone. I can’t monitor all my kids apps and messages because of the difference in android and ios. Does anyone have any suggestions because I can’t afford to get a mac or change phones.

Hi there! Bark mom and teammate here. :slight_smile: Due to Apple’s privacy practices, they do not permit text, web browsing, & camera roll monitoring via a more simplified method (such as signing into iCloud or an installed app). Because of this denial of access from Apple, Bark must monitor & analyze iOS backup data that is backed up and synced to a Windows computer or Mac:

As a mother to kids with iOS devices myself and an iPhone lover, I wish Apple would grant easier access with an installed app- much like Androids do. Androids are able to be monitored via the installed Bark for Kids Android app (no computer required)! I realize that you mention affordability in purchasing a computer or new device; Androids typically can be found for as low as $30 and up that I’ve seen if this might be a future possibility or solution to help you in monitoring your child’s device.

I hope this helps to offer insight as to why Bark monitors iOS devices in the manner that it does due to the constraints put in place by Apple. Please do reach Bark’s support team if ever we can help! We are here for you! -

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Been is this same exact situation with 2 kids. i tried MANY cheaper Android phones from Cricket and Verizon, none of them worked well with Bark, Qustodio, mspy, etc…

I ended up getting some refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones off Amazon. (S8/S9) It’s an expensive solution, but the only one i found. (as I was spending hundreds of dollars on phones for kids, my first thought was, how could my single parent mom of afforded this when i was growing up? ) Maybe someday all parents can afford phones with parental control. I am SO SO SO against kids having access to unfiltered internet access 24x7.