Instagram Monitoring - Bark Help Requested

On my Bark dashboard, it consistently reports my child’s “Instagram has unauthorized Bark.” It prompts me to log out of Instagram through the browser, then log back in. I’ve logged out & back in many time and a couple of different devices, and the message keeps appearing on the dashboard. And, of course, her Bark dashboard says that Instagram has not been read for weeks.

How can I get Bark to properly log in & monitor Instagram, without my interaction?


Hi, there! This notification indicates Bark has been unauthorized to connect with (Instagram in this case), typically because the login credentials have changed, or sometimes because certain platforms only give Bark & third parties temporary authorization that will expire every 90 days for example (it can vary depending on what platform- Facebook, Instagram, etc.). However long they permit authorization for- usually a few months. That said, this authorization is generally months and should not be weekly or daily. Is your child perhaps changing login user name or passwords frequently? Each time that is changed, Bark would need the new credentials to connect. Please see #4 of this guide here.

Bark’s support team would be more than happy to take a deeper look into your account to be able to best help you. Please contact the team at or Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that was helpful.

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