Instagram Help!

Now that my 13 & 15 year old girls know that I have Bark they have resorted to picture messages in Instagram. The 13 year old does not have social media at all and her phone is locked due to finding multiple accounts that we were unaware of. But now my 15 year old has found a way around it. Tell me there is a way to monitor the pic messages on a iPhone In Instagram.
Also, I’m new to Bark does it back up text messages and read them everyday without connecting the phone to the computer again.

Hi, Jennifer! I use Bark for my two kids, and I also work for Bark. I am happy to help! :slight_smile: With Instagram, they do not have their API open to grant access to their DM image data to third parties. Presently on iOS, Bark is able to monitor the pics & vids your child posts to their profile, and any comments made on those posts. We are continually working to be able to monitor DMs on iOS.

Another “solution” you might try is to have your children’s Instagram accounts logged in on your device / IG app so that you can have access to their accounts and DMs. Keep in mind that IG has disappearing images in DMs also. This might be a good opportunity to create an agree for a tech contract with your girls.

Your daughters’ iPhones will automatically & wirelessly backup and upload new data to Bark to be analyzed every 6 hours, so long as the iPhones are home, powered on and on the exact same wireless network & band as your PC or Mac. Your PC or Mac also needs to be powered on with the Bark desktop open / running. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your girls’ iPhones are backing up properly.

Our team would be more than happy to help with this or any other questions you may have! We are available 7 days a week by emailing, or visiting

I hope this helps, Jennifer! Thanks so much!