Instagram Disappearing messages

Instagram has a new disappearing messages function on their chat, much like snapchat. Will Bark still be able to monitor these messages?

Hello, @funston100! Thank you for reaching out. :slight_smile: Yes, Instagram has had disappearing media messaging for a while now; they seemed to have followed suit with SnapChat and jumped on the appeal of users wanting this feature.

Instagram does not have its API (App Programming Interface) open to allow access to this disappearing DM feature to third parties. Bark is able to monitor your child’s posts on their account, which includes images, videos, and captions for those posts (no matter the device they are using).

Bark can also monitor Instagram direct messages (text chat only) and searches on connected Android and Amazon devices. This includes access to text chat only, as IG does not permit access to DM media (images / videos). We’re continually working to be able to monitor direct messages and searches on iOS devices.

Here is also some information to help your family navigate IG more safely:

I do hope this helps to provide insight! Our support team is always happy to help in any way that we can if you’d please email us at any time. Thank you!