Identify Device?

Hi there, new paid user here. So far I love bark!

My kids have multiple devices. I have installed Bark on them all and it appears to be working well.

However, when I get a notification of a child’s activity, I have no way of knowing which device was the culprit. Is it his phone? Desktop PC? Chromebook?

Is there any way to distinguish what activities took place on which devices? Or must I search all of them when Bark tells me something is amiss?


@signup - Welcome to the community and to our Bark Family! Happy to help! If you’re asking about reviewing potential alerts from your dashboard; it is super easy! You will receive an email, text, or app alert along with a snippet of the conversation or media for your review for context. The child’s name, the platform, date, and concerning issue category will be available to you (see image below).

If by chance you are looking into an alert about concerning content detected in a photo or picture, you can find the steps here for locating the platform/device the alert came from:

I hope this helps to clarify; if you have a specific alert or example that we can help with further, please reach our team at so we can access your account to best assist. We’re here for you!

No, I understand all that. I’m asking, can Bark tell me which DEVICE triggered the alert? Was it the phone? Was it the PC? They share the same accounts.

Hi there! At present, Bark’s alerts will show the platform or device as an image at the top of your alert.

Some platforms are monitored via the device level and would show the device symbol in those cases. For example, browsing, texting, or images from an Android would show the Android “green robot symbol” so you’d know what device this activity came from. From an iOS device would show the “Apple”. From a Chromebook would show a little Chromebook icon, etc.

Some platforms and features are only able to be monitored are via the account level- meaning, no matter from what device or where that account is logged in or used (smartphone, public library, friend’s device, school computer) it is monitored via the account login credentials. Because Bark is able to monitor and access some platforms via the account level this means Bark does not monitor some platforms via a certain device; these will only show that platform’s icon in your alert and not a device.

Let’s use Gmail as an example; because Bark does not monitor Gmail via the device but instead Bark monitors Gmail through the account (login credentials) itself, Bark is unable to tell if that Gmail message was sent or received on a child’s Chromebook, iPhone, Android, Windows PC, etc. A “concerning” Gmail could have been drafted on a public computer at the local library (example) but Bark is monitoring the actual account activity itself, not that computer.

I realize this may sound confusing and I sincerely hope this makes better sense!
If you have a specific device and specific platform you’d like me to elaborate on and clarify, happy to do so.

If you ever have questions about a specific alert you’ve received, the support team is more than happy to investigate and best assist via email to :grinning:

What ID does Bark pull from when it gives you a cyrptic device id? Is there a way to save these with a name? App is decent, but really need a few more customization options or it just causes you to lose track of the alerts. Would be a great feature to be able to name a device in your account - base on the id.

Hi, Jake. Your alerts should indicate which device they are coming from, such as “Daughter’s iPhone” “iPad”, “Kindle”, “Android Samsung”, etc. Bark’s support team would be able to best help with your question if you’d please contact them at or email Thank you!