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So I found out from looking on her phone, a friend of hers told her about an icon changing app, called Shortcut Maker. She installed it and I found it, asked her about it and uninstalled it. I looked in her Google apps library and there was another one, X Icon Changer, but it wasn’t currently installed. I did some searching and a YouTube video for one of them said you can use it to hide apps (see screenshot). My question is, can Bark pick up on these and does anyone know how we can easily find them. I’ve seen the posts through Bark about kids hiding apps as calculators, etc. I typically know the apps/games she uses but if she is hiding them under fake icons it takes a lot of work opening each app to find. And I know the whole…“Talk to her about it, etc” …but she’s getting sneakier by the day.
BTW, we use Android. I’m close to saying no more technology but can’t do that bc she needs it for school (due to covid) and I often need to get in touch w/ her. And, the more restrictions I put on her the more she tries to get around them. It’s exhausting!

Hi there! As a mom I can imagine how frustrating this must be. :confused: Did you know that you can view which apps are installed on your child’s device from your Bark dashboard? Here’s more info:

You can also use Bark’s screen time settings to restrict the app store:

More than anything, as you mentioned- this is going to be a difficult road if she is not on board. :confused: We hope that you are able to talk this through together and come to an agreement that is a fit for your family! :yellow_heart: - bark.us/contact


Recently ios 14 was released, allowing for custom widgets to be put on an apple phone. Most likely, she was trying to be like her friends by making widgets. If she wants to do this, I recommend she installs an icon pack. These change the look of ALL icons and generally don’t allow for customization of each app. Additionally, if she wants widgets like the ones on iOS, she can download an app called KWGT (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.widget) which allows for said widgets to be installed.

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Thanks. Yes, after we talked about it more she said she was just trying to make her icons look cool, not trying to hide apps.

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Thanks for this info! Very much appreciated.