Icloud Password issue with Bark

Does anyone else have major issues with getting notifications that your childs Icloud password has changed , when it hasn’t? My kids phone is heavily locked down especially when shes been grounded this last month… She had a whole week of her phone with no usage and I still got the alert about it changing. I’ve reset the password 4 times this morning and keeps telling me it’s still having issues. I hope this makes sense.

Hi, Amanda! Have you tried checking these steps here? My kids’ iCloud emails are connected as well, and have been for over a year now with no issues, so this certainly doesn’t sound typical! This error is usually because the password has been changed. Is there any way she could be changing it from another device or browser perhaps? Our team would be more than happy to have a deeper look into this with you! Please contact us! Thanks, Amanda! :slight_smile:

I have done all the steps , multiple times a day even sometimes. I doubt that she could change it as she doesn’t know the password and even if she did, it’s happened during a period of time she had no other access to electronic devices (like Christmas break or when she can only use it for texting or calls). Any help would be greatly appreciated as it’s very frustrating to deal with and worry her account isn’t being monitored .

Please do reach our support by emailing help@bark.us so the team may help with this. Thank you!