I would like to download an app where I could see my sons incoming and outgoing text messages!

Is there an app for iPhone users where you could View your childs text messages?

Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to the community! Thanks for asking and we appreciate your interest! Yes, we do monitor text messages on iPhones. :star_struck:

For monitoring iOS, Apple’s strict security prevents Bark from monitoring the device or iCloud directly; Bark monitors the text (incoming and outgoing), web browsing, Notes, & camera roll data from automatic wireless backups you create to your PC or Mac, using our installed Bark desktop program (recommended daily). Here are those steps:

And specifically, detailed information on monitoring iOS text messages:

Here’s a detailed list of all that we monitor:

And lots of helpful answers here:

And in case you weren’t aware, iPhones have built in parental controls:

We hope this helps! We’re happy to chat if you have any questions! We also offer a 7 day free trial. Message us any time at www.bark.us/contact! :nerd_face: Thanks!

BARK is a very good app! However, you won’t see ALL text msgs. You’ll see only what BARK marks necessary for you to see, ie, sexual, drug/alcohol, profanity…etc. And again you won’t see the whole conversation.

This is what I’m most concerned about!! I know that my daughters BFF(both 13) has already been asked by a boy to send inappropriate pix & this scares the crap out of me!!! I just want to know that every photo she takes or sends is being monitored. I wonder if Bark will also monitor her personal photos that she takes with her cell??

@Staci_Davis hi! Yes- Bark absolutely monitors your child’s images and videos saved to their device / camera roll! :slight_smile:

Also in texts and what is specified here.

I hope this helps! Please reach the team any time via email to help@bark.us. Thanks!