I want to block adult content on Pinterest

“If I have “block adult content” activated on ScreenTime on an iPhone, will it block adult content from being seen on Pinterest? Does it make a difference if it’s being accessed through the app or through a browser?”


" Hey, Laurie! It works in browsers, so yes, it will block adult sites from being visiting within the Pinterest browser, Instagram browser, all of the other browsers I’ve tried; but it won’t block in app content meaning = if you allow the 3rd party apps, whatever is in the apps is beyond the Apple content controls. You can still find inappropriate Pins, Instagram pics, SnapChat, etc. But the in-app BROWSERS themselves have had adult content blocked by the Screen Time settings. I don’t have any official links to back this up, but I’ve tested it pretty extensively and that was my findings.

For example, in Pinterest you can search for Google or Bing, and then you will come across the actual google .com browser. Apple Limit Adult Content works here as far as I’ve tested. The same with Instagram (for example)- you can visit the Google profile and click to get on google or Bing .com. The Apple Web settings apply there also.

But if you search Pinterest for adult material (Pins) that will still come up. Same for Instagram (for example)- it won’t work to filter actual adult profiles or the images / words on those profiles within the app.

I hope that makes sense! :)"

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