How to watch child’s Snapchat

How do you watch your child’s snapchat?

Hi, Finley! Welcome to Bark Connect! :slight_smile: I am with the Bark team and am happy to share what I know. SnapChat can only be logged in to one device at a time, so there’s not a way to have your child’s SnapChat simultaneously logged into your device (as you can with Instagram and Facebook etc.). If you log in to your child’s account on your device, it will log them out of theirs (so they will know it and have to re-login).

Bark is able to monitor SnapChat DM text chat on Android devices, and will alert you to any possibly concerning activity. As many parents know, Snapchat makes it extremely difficult to monitor its content on any platform. Currently, no other monitoring service can cover Snapchat on iOS devices. We’re working hard on solutions for iOS devices and will keep everyone updated on our progress.

What some parents do is manually check their child’s SnapChat. You are able to set the DMs to hold for 24h before deletion instead of immediately deleting with these steps:
Not a total answer, but this may help.

We’ve also put together some tips for parents here:

You might be interested in having a talk and making an agreement between you and your child and signing a technology contract.

I hope some of these suggestions help! :slight_smile:


Also you can check your child’s Snapchat Data every 7 days. When doing this you see EVERYTHING, everything that was sent in conversation sent and received. You cannot do it through the app, you do have to use an actual browser.

@Mrs_Rodriguez is this via the “Download my Data”? I’ve known about this but never tried it.

Yes, @Jodie and it only goes back seven days and TBH you can really kind of do that with any app even Apple itself. And don’t be surprised if some of the things that get pulled up because it will go years back sometimes LOL I randomly stumbled upon this when I was googling how to remove contacts from my messenger apps of people who are no longer associate with and it shot me right back into Facebook help and suddenly I seen text messages from years ago or from my android days and phone numbers it was really kind of insane and then somehow I stumbled upon the whole download my data and just kind of went through and did it on all my apps and was quite surprised yet still able to confirm to my kids that once you put it on the Internet it’s out there forever

Yes, you’re right most all services offer the data download. Thanks for sharing your experience with it! :slight_smile: I’ve just never actually done it yet!