How to stop the VPN from being turned off

my daughter keeps turning off the VPN late at night

Hi @Donna_Moen! Bark team here … :wave: Welcome to the community! We know that can be so frustrating trying to stay one step ahead! We are glad to hear you were alerted and we hope the information provided below will help!

Bark will always send you a notification if for any reason it is unable to communicate with your child’s accounts or devices, so that you may investigate this interruption and take action as needed. This includes notification that the Bark VPN has been removed or disabled on the device. Tapping into the child companion app will auto prompt to reinstate the VPN.

Parents can always customize the sensitivity of alerts to what works best for your family.

If the device is one that is used less frequently (a Chromebook for example), and you’d like to no longer receive the alerts for that particular device, you can adjust your alert settings by using the Ignore feature.

Bark’s mission is to help parents to guide their children to become responsible digital citizens and for families to work together to navigate online safely. We hope that the following articles will be helpful in talking to your child about using Bark, and discussing your family’s technology guidelines and expectations.

Families can also work together to agree on their tech use expectations and rules.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with your specific setup, please reach out to our account support team any time! Happy to help get your settings adjusted to the best fit for your family’s needs!

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