how to set up bark!!

Hey all! I am trying to set up bark on my childs phone . the app is on here phone and my wives. I also have it on my laptop. She has a iphone. It is not sending anything to us at all! It last updated location is from a trip over a week ago! Long story short it doesn’t seem to be working at all! HELP!

Hello, Jenn. Bark mom and teammate here; happy to help!

The Bark Kids iOS app allows you to put in place web filtering & limits, and also request location check-ins.

For iOS Content monitoring, this is not done through the Kids app (due to Apple’s privacy policies) but instead Bark analyzes your child’s iOS backup data. This backup data is acquired when your child’s iOS device syncs wirelessly and automatically to your home PC or Mac with the Bark program installed, computer powered on, and Bark running - every 6 hours, so long as they are both on and on the same home WiFi network.

We have a wonderful dedicated customer support team that would love to help you further and answer any questions that you may have! Please reach our specialists at any time they may help. I do hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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