How to Recover Deleted Instagram Text Messages & Target monitoring

I am a grandparent who has temporary custody of our 2 grandchildren. We go to court this week with the mother of our grandchildren to get permanent custody. The ex parte order that was given to us gave us the ability to supervise all communication our 2 grandchildren have with their mother. I don’t want to go into specifics but please just know that it is for their own protection that our kids contact with their Mother is supposed to be supervised. That said, while I was out of town last week I saw that my granddaughter was texting with her Mother on Instagram. I told my husband to talk to our granddaughter and explain more around why this must be stopped for now and that her mother is only supposed to contact her through us so that we supervise it. Unfortunately, as soon as my husband told her to get the phone she immediately deleted the text messages. Bark alerted on the content inside some of the disucssion and grabbed snippets of it to send to me. What I need to know is does Bark actually have the whole conversation in their servers on teh backend which I could retrieve? I already tried to get the texts back by downloading all of the Instagram data. The messages were not there. This is important for our court case with this mother. While I can use the brief snippets, it would be better if I had the entire conversation. This mother knows she is supposed to work through us. She just refuses to do it. I have blocked her for now on the Instagram account. Besides my question around can I get access to the complete conversation via Bark’s backend, I also need to now if there’s a way to get an alert when a specific account or person attempts to contact our grandkids? Thanks for your help.

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Hello there! Thanks for reaching out; Bark community teammate here! It’s against Bark’s ethos for parents and guardians to have complete access to all of their children’s text history. Bark will only alert parents and guardians about texts if they happen to fall into categories such as online predator, bullying, violence, profanity, abuse, suicidal ideation, adult content, sexual content, drugs/alcohol, etc. However, it is not possible for parents and guardians to view all texts.

In addition to Bark’s features, we do pair well with the built-in device restrictions (Google Family Link and Apple Screen Time) for an added layer of security, however, Bark does not currently offer the ability to restrict or alert to specific contacts. Bark is able to detect changes in activity, give insights on your children’s top contacts, detect new accounts and risky apps, and so much more! Please visit our support team at if you need any further assistance! We’re here for you! :blue_heart:

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Through your attorney’s legal request, you cam subpoena the cell carrier for call/text history. It can only be done through court order. But it is possible through that avenue.

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