How to edit Connect account info

We set up Bark last month under my husband’s email and cell phone number.
I am the one who follows the alerts so I just went into our Bark account and edited to reflect my information. I cannot figure out how to edit our account info for Bark Connect however.

Hi Tammy. When you make a change to your account on it will be copied over to Bark Connect the next time you log in. I see that your connect account email has already been updated so hopefully everything is working for you now. If not please do let us know.

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I was able to change everything except the user name.

How can I change that since my husband will not be using Bark Connect?

Hey, Tammy. :slight_smile: In the upper right corner Connect menu, you should be able to tap “preferences” to edit your account. I think I’ve got you all set and your user name as “Tammy” now. Does everything look ok? :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you so much, Jodie!

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