How to Discuss Tough Topics with my Pre-Teen

So I got a notification today that my 12 yr old had a colorful search history. Sexual Content , Profanity ( music related) and Drug and Alcohol Related Content.

How do you discuss with your pre-teen? We started talking and he said the kids at school talk about it but he doesn’t know what they are talking about so he googled them. I believe him. So does anyone have book suggestions, or help on how to talk to him so he understands.

Hi there! I also have a 12y/o. I can attest that (at least in our area) he certainly has learned some “things” from school. :confused: I try and ask open questions frequently - “have you ever seen ____? Are the kids at your school discussing ____?” and we calmly work through them. I try and give short answers, and then allow the opportunity for him to probe further. If he’s satisfied with my shorter explanations, we’re done (for that segment! Until next time…)

I sometimes find it best (and less awkward) to have our tougher talks in the car, where he is in the backseat. There’s no eye contact and I think that helps him to feel less awkward. Plus he can’t escape. :wink:

Here’s a great resource for addressing some of these tougher topics:

And also:

Lots of great blogs at Wishing you the best in having these tough talks!