How to control my nephew's screen usage while he's on family vacation with me?

"Parents, need your help/suggestions. Bear with me, this may be rant-ish.

I have a 7 and almost ten year old, and we are on summer vacation. I also have with me, my 7 yr old nephew. We will be gone a total of almost an entire month (in one week we come home).

He is much more tech savvy than my children. Mine have iPads but are very limited and extremely monitored in what they can play and how much. Admittedly, because I’ve always been this way and they are extremely active physically- they don’t miss it and aren’t as well-versed. My nephew is. And very dependent.

He spends all day every day on his iPad at home. I won’t let him. The only measure I’ve seen as far as parental controls is his iPad is set to 9pm screen time lock but he just switches to his phone at that time. He has roblox, Minecraft and more that I have no idea about- all chats enabled. Complete YouTube access, the whole bit. I walked in on him watching SUPER inappropriate music videos. We’re talking half naked, depicting suicide and talking about elicit drug use. I could cry.

I messaged my sister with concern. I gave him strict usage guidelines and explained while he’s with me it’s my rules not moms. He hated it of course but I’m okay with that. Power struggles all day every day.

But that’s not my question. My sister barely responded to my concern about it all. My biggest question for her was wether she was just unaware of what he was accessing or if she didn’t mind. Not my place to judge if so but that I needed to know how to proceed. Since she basically avoided answering my questions I took it upon myself to bring him up to speed on the same access rules my own kids follow. But that is just while he’s with me.

How can I explain to her what I know to be true? About the dangers and the horrors out there? What articles can I send her? Research? Proof? How can I help her understand why she should be concerned and rethink this young baby’s access online. He has “friends” he talks to all the time, when i told him those aren’t real friends he had a meltdown.

The only response I got, she said she’s talked to him and he knows to immediately show her anything “not nice”. OMG! I told her they WOULD be nice, at first and she kinda rolled her eyes. She even (allegedly) told him when he Skyped with her that he could download Snapchat. Uh, NO!

I know I’m not freaking out for no reason. My sister is much older and she didn’t grow up in AOL chat rooms like I did- she legitimately may not understand the reality and I want to bring her up to speed.

How do I do that?

Help! :pray:t3::tired_face:

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" I think what you’re doing is perfectly fine. Limit his time and explain they are your rules. You will see a difference. Maybe capture a few videos of the difference in him and show sis. As for sis - sit down with her face to face. Tell her you are not bashing her, criticizing her or judging her. You’re concerned. A 9 year old is way to you to have the kind of access you described and amount of time. If she continues her way, there isn’t much you can do."

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