How to bring up a topic flagged by Bark

Bark has identified issues my wife and I feel needs to be addressed with our 15 yo son. Thing is, we don’t want to give away exactly what Bark flagged for us. Our concern is that if we speak directly to the issue he may stop communicating this online and then we would once again be in the dark.

In our case this is about stress, negative emotions, possible (minor, if there is such a thing) self harm and “bad thoughts”.

How do we address these types of issues without tipping our hand that we were alerted by Bark?

Thank in advance for any guidance!

Hi, Steve. :slight_smile: Sorry to hear your son is experiencing this. I can imagine it is a delicate topic to broach and you don’t want to further upset him. Bark has put together some tips and resources that will hopefully aid in gently checking in and opening discussions with him.

We do sincerely hope these help some to get the conversation started. The Bark team is always here to help if ever you need; please reach the team any time by emailing :yellow_heart: