How safe is Roblox?

Can my 10.5 yr old play it safely? Can you turn off chat?

“My husband is a gamer and he checked it out when our kid was asking for it. Our concern is that while a lot of it is probably fine (with certain settings in place, obviously), fundamentally, the content is user-generated and not well moderated, so the potential for inappropriate content is very high.”

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So as nerdy as I am, I play Roblox with my kids actually. Roblox does try to block out inappropriate content like if you try to cuss or say something sexual it hashtags everything like #### ### ###. Now a lot of kids have kind of figured out how to get stuff to come across still like using spaces and special characters but I will say they have really tried to make it safe. You can’t type numbers either so you can’t give out a phone number or something like that.


I’m really impressed with the way Roblox has handled trust and safety - great job on their end given the amount of kids (and potential predators) that use their platform every day!