How much data usage does Bark use?

My child currently does not have data on his phone. He wants to add a data plan and use his own money. He claims that Bark takes up a lot of usage and wants me to help pay for it. Can you tell me how much data it might use to continually monitor his android?

Hi Babs! Bark Community team member here … :wave: Happy to offer some information!

Android monitoring with Bark can use data, unless you don’t want it to. To conserve cellular data use, you can change the setting to “Upload over WiFi only;” however, this will decrease the frequency in which the data is analyzed and would delay monitoring until the device is connected to WiFi. However, for Bark’s screen time tool and filtering of web traffic both at and away from home, Bark’s VPN does require data.

That being said, data usage will be minimal at best and should not use large amounts of data for any cellular plan. Technically, it would also vary with each child and each device based on the number of apps that are being monitored / filtered and the amount of activity on the phone. For instance, a 6 year old’s tablet might use less data than, let’s say, a 15 year old’s iPhone. But again, even for a device that’s used all day, this isn’t something that should make a noticeable impact.

I would encourage you to take a look at the reports your son is referencing, as it’s possible he could be misinterpreting the data currently being used by his WiFi only plan.

If you’d like more details or additional assistance, I’d recommend connecting with our support team at or They’ll be happy to chat further about how to ensure your family’s success using Bark! :orange_heart: Thank you!