How does bark monitor Snapchat?

How does Bark monitor Snapchat when the photos don’t last? My son wants it and against it because the photos disappear. Can bark keep those so I am able to view them?

Hi @Heather_Moreland! We understand the concern in wanting to keep an eye on all the apps that our kids want use! :eyes: In answer to your question, it depends on the platform and device. As many parents know, Snapchat makes it extremely difficult to monitor its content on ANY platform. Bark DOES monitor Snapchat private messages (text chat only) on Android devices because Androids are more open-source and third-party friendly.

However, currently, NO monitoring service can cover Snapchat on iOS devices, due to Snapchat’s closed API and Apple’s strict privacy policy. We’re continuously working hard on iOS monitoring solutions for this and others apps like Snapchat.

Here’s a detailed list of what Bark monitors across the different platforms.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions! We’re here to help! :nerd_face: