How do I show my 8yo that even if you are doing your best, predators can still find a way to contact you?

My child thinks she can avoid predators by just not answering messages from people she doesn’t know. This is a great start, but I would like to show her that danger exists even if you think you’re doing all the right things. Are there any movies/documentaries/news stories out there about a kid who was doing all the right things and still found themselves in danger?

Hi there, @amlove413. This is a really important topic; thank you for asking! So many think “It won’t happen to me”. I’d be happy to give resources. :slight_smile: Disclaimer: Please first view / vet yourself as some may be for older than age 8. Hopefully you’ll be able to find something that you find appropriate!

Bark’s special projects team worked intensely on this very topic (mature material):

Here are some more you may want to review. Some are more for teens; I recommend the NetSmartz series if you’re looking for videos to show younger kids directly. :slight_smile:

  • Connect
    (Recommended age 7+ / 1h 11m)
    In a social media-centered world, the smart phone has become a cultural rite of passage for kids. But is that rite all wrong? How can this generation of parents blaze a new trail to equip their kids with the tools to thrive in an ever-changing digital environment while steering clear of the dangers that unlimited access brings? Kirk Cameron went to the experts and what he learned will enlighten, challenge, and encourage parents.

  • Kayleigh’s Love Story - Full Version
    (Recommended age 15 / 5m 30sec)
    YouTube / Kayleigh’s Love Story is a film about aspects of the last 13 days of the life of 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood after meeting someone online.

  • Like
    (NR / Recommended 10+ / 49m / Only available through a community screening)
    A documentary about the impact of social media on our lives.

  • NetSmartz Videos
    (Videos for kids and teens) explore cyberbullying, online exploitation, and more. These differentiated video series present digital safety lessons in a fun and age-appropriate manner. Younger audiences learn with Nettie, Webster, and Clicky, the internet safety robot, while tweens engage with the animated cast of NS High. For teens, real-life stories and interviews with teenagers across the country provide the basis for real-world learning.

  • Screenagers
    (Recommended age 10+ / 1h 7m / Only available through a community screening)
    An award-winning film that probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and depicts struggles over social media, video games and academics. The film offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world.

  • ScreenTime - Diane Sawyer Reporting
    (NR / 6m48s) - Original full length 1h 22m episode has been removed by network! :weary:
    For six months, Sawyer and her team traveled across the country talking to families, teachers, doctors and even tech insiders to pursue questions, answers and solutions. From coast to coast, a question: People love the wonders of technology, but have they become too consumed with the little screens in their pockets?

  • The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Experiment) Girl Edition
    (NR / 7m)
    YouTube / Coby Persin goes undercover to show how easy it is for a pedophile to pick up an underage female child using social media.

  • The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Experiment) Boy Edition
    (NR / 8m 34sec)
    YouTube / Coby Persin goes undercover to show how easy it is for a pedophile to pick up an underage male child using social media.

  • Social Media Predators | The Mel Robbins Show
    (NR / 43m 22sec)
    YouTube / Are your kids protected online? Do you know the dangers they face? Mel talks about the warning signs and how to help you understand how to keep your kids safe. Mel warns: Strong content / graphic material discussed.

  • Understanding Teen Sexting Part 1: The Legal Consequences
    (NR / 10m 46sec)
    YouTube / This video interviews an ex police officer to discuss the legal consequences of teen texting.

  • Understanding Teen Sexting Part 2: The Psychological Consequences
    (NR / 14m 16sec)
    YouTube / This video discusses the psychological consequences of teen sexting.

  • You’re Losing Your Kids to Social Media: Internet Safety
    (Recommended age 10+ / 1h 43m)
    YouTube / Do you know what your kids are doing on the internet? Officer Gomez knows what kids are doing and what parents need to know to keep their kids safe. Please join us for a free seminar that will educate students and parents together. This seminar covers what you need to know about what’s happening with social media in today’s elementary, middle, and high schools. The free seminar will cover topics such as: Dangerous Applications, Bullying, Sexting, Predators, Hidden Dangers, Best Practices for Parents, Phone Controls, & School Issues.

I do hope that something here will help! :yellow_heart:


Thank you SO much. I just watched so many videos on YouTube without finding what I was looking for. I’m sure one of these will be right. I’m just looking to give her an appropriate level of awareness. Thanks again!

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The Bark team is amazing and their responses are always on point!

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My BEST way is to google “Short Videos- Online Predators (in games and social media)” These videos are LIFE SAVING & it shows them in the view of peers the same age as them, that these predators are REAL. YouTube has thousands of videos that may relate to your tween-aged kiddo.