How do I remove MY email address from my daughter's Bark account?

When I set up my kids’ accounts, it was under my personal email. I then added their personal emails but I keep getting DAILY notifications that my daughter is receiving troublesome material via email…what it really is is offers of free Kindle books intended for me, some of the books include violence, sex, profanity, etc. Even though I’ve marked those “groups” as ones to ignore, I still get about 40 notices a day about emails that are meant for me, not my 14 year old. I cannot find a way to remove my email address from her Bark account and it is driving me nuts! Obviously, I need to have my email address somewhere on the account so I can’t just delete it entirely, but this silly little issue is making me hate this company actually. Please HELP!!!

Hi, Kelly! If you’ve mistakenly connected your parent email to be monitored to one of your children, you can remove it from monitoring with these steps.

If ever you need to change your Bark account email, you can do this in your Account.

If you need to add additional emails (or text numbers) to receive notifications, here are those steps.

I do hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach Bark’s friendly support team by emailing any time. We appreciate you! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I just read your post again, and I apologize I think I misunderstood originally. I think you’re asking about ignoring specific email senders; here is more information on this setting.

My other suggestion would be to try and unsubscribe from that email list sending emails to your child’s email if you’re not wanting them to receive those.

Please do reach out to Bark’s support if you are still receiving alerts on an ignored user by emailing We want to gather more information and help you with this! :slight_smile: